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Name:Traditional Witches
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Community description:A place for discussions of traditional witchcraft
While the name of this group is Traditional Witches, all who follow the path of Magickal Arte and the Ancestral Elder Faiths are welcome. It is recognized that there are many differences across the wide array of faithful practitioners which fall under the loosely defined banner of Witchcraft. It is our belief that we can celebrate some differences and simply agree to disagree about the more difficult issues without descending to rancor. It is our belief that we can learn to converse civilly with each other and thereby gain in wisdom and comity.

Shakespeare wrote "What's in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other word would smell as sweet." The word Tradition is a noun and its simplest definition means "Something that is handed down" or "a continuing pattern of culture, beliefs, or practices". The word Traditional is the adjectival form of the word Tradition. In it's simplest form Traditional means "in accordance with tradition". We are using the word Traditionalist which takes the form of both a noun and an adjective. In the former it means "Adherence to tradition, especially in cultural or religious practice" and in its adjective form means "stubbornly conservative and narrow-minded". We are proud to be stubborn in our adherence to the Traditions of our Elder Faith and narrowly focused on the cultural and religious praxis derived from them.

While eclectic witchcraft practices are accepted, NOT accepted is drawing from so many different belief systems that the resultant practice is without merit (i.e., is contradictory, a hodgepodge with absolutely no forethought to whether it even makes sense, etc.) and is insulting to those who DO follow specific paths. (There is nothing wrong with being open-minded; just don't let your brain fall out of your head while being so.)

You must be a member to post or to comment. “Watching” the community is not the same thing. Please check out your very own info page to see if you have posting access. If it is not listed as a group that you have posting access to, YOU DON'T HAVE POSTING ACCESS.

Questions, discussion, and debate are encouraged. Temper tantrums and inane prattling are NOT. Belief systems and opinions are welcome. Fiction and fantasy is not. Be prepared to back up your claims. Be prepared for people not to agree with you. Not agreeing with you does not mean that they are wrong, mean, out to get you, attacking you or that it is time to take your trad and go home. Stick around and reply. Rabid debates have always ended in learning and growing. Research, learn, grow, as someone else says all the time. How can you do that without talking to others who think differently than you?

Do not disable comments on your posts, or delete your post for reasons other than screwed up formatting. This is just plain rude, and formatting errors can generally be remedied by editing your post. If it becomes necessary, replies on certain threads may be frozen by either the original poster or the community maintainers.

(Portions of the above are taken from the LiveJournal community “nonfluffypagans” and the "Traditionalist Witches Companion" website introduction; although the community maintainer is a moderator at TWC, there is no official connection b etween the two groups.)
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