Seasonal Disruption?

I am a non-affiliated witch with deep pantheistic leanings. The magic I do, when I find it necessary, is not religiously motivated or tied to my small religious rites; but it usually involves Elemental workings because I find that deep link to Nature is what feels most powerful to me.

Thus, always feeling in step with nature, in the last few years and particularly this year, I feel like nature is out of step. Yes, climate change is twisting my time-table---and I must laugh at how utterly egocentric that statement sounds. But seriously, I usually time one of my four celebrated sabbats (Beltane) by the blossoming of the apple trees. This year, I changed that and dove in with calendar time and did it May 1st.

Good thing, the apple trees didn't bloom until nearly June 1st...it was that cold. And the hawthorn, my back up 'clock' was even later! And when our summer does arrive, it is by fits and starts and with incredibly hot days that are very un-Pacific Nor'west! Weeks in the 100s on this ocean-side of the Cascades is just not done!

I am trying to find ways to make the most of the changes; Beltane was so cold that only the roaring blaze in the firepit kept us warm. But if it will be so cool, perhaps for the first time ever, I will celebrate a Loafmass in August, with a first time ever fire in the pit to back a loaf of bread in the big iron cauldron?

Of the sabbats I note with a bigger ritual and a fire fest, the solstices are stable; as is Samhain that I time by lunar events. Beltane is most difficult to 'get' when springtime feels more like February! I've actually considered whether for me, Beltane, is the sabbat to drop from my practice....as possibly inappropriate to my time in life and job description.

I am curious, do other practitioners notice a seasonal flux that is unusual? Does it send your sabbats or other habits into disarray? Or is that a personal inflexibility of my own?