I will give this a try, although I am uncertain if I meet your criteria for a "traditional witch."

I do practice magic. I am a sort of mad scientist witch in a way, highly experimental and individualist in my practice. I am also extremely solitary, and thus unsure if that meets your idea of traditional witchery.

If members think I am an ill-fit, lol, or simply a misfit---I will go away with no drama or hard feelings.

I live in Washington State, my favorite part of the Pacific Wet-West! I maintain a labyrinth for the dead of current wars. I follow no Rede, nor any Threefold Law. I consider judicious use of force necessary in mundane and magical life.
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heya--don't know how many folks are actually here...
..You meet My criteria for a "traditional witch."

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Hello? - and Welcome!

As far as I'm concerned, /humans/ aren't
responsible for one's initiation into the
Craft; 'Trad' or Otherwise.

And you're never really 'alone', are you?


" If a person is of serious intent, one night
they can go out at midnight of the full moon
and make their own pledge to the Goddess and
the Old Gods in truth, honesty and sincerity.

This sort of pledge has as much validity as
any formal oath sworn to a group. "

~ Robert Cochrane (aka Roy Bowers)
(1/26/1931 - 7/3/1966)
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My "criteria" is simple: if you think you may belong here, you likely do. If you think you are curious about it, then you probably do. If you haven't proven yourself to be a troll, you are likely welcome.

If you have been proven a troll, we will keep you around for a while to poke fun and sharp sticks at. (I don't think you have to worry about this one. I'm familiar with some of your other writings.)

As for the Rede, it's like any other piece of advice, you are welcome to take it or leave it.

Three-fold law? "Measure twice, cut once."


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